Monday, November 3, 2014

Another craft for a friend

For a friend wedding gifts..

From bridegroom to the bride

top left: Mas kahwin and gold bangle
top right: Al Quran
bottom left: Telekung
bottom right: place for the cake

lapik pahar which i had to make it myself..
such a complicated work to sew all the beads with limited time left.
imagine one lapik pahar takes minimum 8 hours for completing the beads work. phewww...
i have to sew 5 lapik pahar.
and still have another 2 more lapik as i am planning for renting it..hahaha

this iss how the mas kahwin would looks like

and this is the cake i ordered from my lovely friend  byhirda.
a red velvet cake covered in fondant.

Wishing u a happy marriage life..


  1. Hello Harnidah, love your this posting. And the cakes are really beautiful. You are very creative and the display really outstanding.
    You have a great weekend, best regards.

    1. Hello Lee..
      Thank u for dropping by..
      owh that cake..baked by my friend..
      thank u Lee..

      Thank care.

  2. Salam kenal..hi harnidah..cantik awak jahit tu..berbakat..nice

    1. waalaikumussalam.
      hi Zayyani..salam perkenalan utk awak jugak :)
      terima kasih ya