Saturday, January 18, 2014

Throwback - Hubs Birthday

I've planned to bake a Salted Caramel Truffle Tart instead of cake for his birthday..
Thanks to Kak Rima for sharing this recipe :)

but it looks like somebody got excited and can't wait to eat them lol  

i told ya

adik cool jer..abg jer yg chocolate addicted!

Thank you for coming and celebrate Pakcik's birthday :)


  1. Hello Harnidah, its a bit late, but tell your handsome hubby a gentleman friend dari Toronto wishes him 'many happy returns of the day, Happy birthday'.
    You did not invite his friends over?
    Love your that boy, he's cute.
    And the cake looks really beautiful, I think 3 pieces will do me fine.
    You have a nice day.

    PS, your computer chair ada safety belt?
    Ok, bila you senang drop by, but I suggest you minum ayer sejuk first...ha ha ha, then take 3 deep breaths.
    Best regards.

    1. Hello Lee..
      thank u Lee..
      hahaha..nanti i inform dia..tapi i kena cut itu handsome word..nanti dia perasan hahaha

      birthday selalu we celebrate among family members only..sebab usia dah meningkat Lee..
      nanti itu lilin lagi berat dari kek susah ;p

      and that is not a cake..
      it is a tart.. salted caramel truffle tart..
      (chocolate tart)

      I kena mandi air sejuk dulu baru boleh drop by ;)