Monday, January 6, 2014

Latest 'baking' addition in the house ;)

i baked this on Christmas!

sebab ada balance cream..
and we are going to BIL house for a small family gathering..

i know a lot improvement need to be done on the decorating skills..
wait till i get the chance to enrols myself in any class next year if possible..hahaha

suddenly my hand itching trying this hihi

a diaper 'cake' for hubs's friend aqiqah 
hope she likes it.. 

i think the 'skull' getting better..
for my 2nd 'cake'

kemas la sket..

for my friend's baby


  1. Hello Harnidah, the cake is really beautiful. Looks like done by a pro. Or like in a 5 star hotel. You already have the skill...just keep on doing and you'll be outstanding.
    I love the colour....And 3 pieces for me will be fine, ha ha,
    Love your innovative ideas and the decor on the cake. Really cute.
    Have fun, Harnidah, best regards.

    1. Hello Lee..
      thank u so much..
      itu gambar atas sekali is a real cake..

      itu dua at the bottom..bukan kek la..hahaha
      it is an arrangement of diapers and the infant clothes..
      another type of hamper for visiting new born...

      Have a wonderful day Lee.