Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strawberries and flowers...and the leftovers....

Did anyone know what's the name of this flower?
i really love this flower but don't have the opportunity to ask the florist...
their staffs really busy that morning...huhu

this flower too..
it looks like rose but it is not...

trying to make choc fondue but no fondue..
so..dipping only...

all above and this picture resulted from leftovers..

leftover from the flowers..
and leftover from the berries...

jadila pavlova...hikhikhikhik

below picture has nothing to do with leftover..except the bone..burrrppp...
actually..i am hungry rite now and thinking about this bukhara briyani lamb shank at Syed Bistro..grrrrrr


  1. hello adik manis, ish aunty memang sgt bodo bab2 buat kek atau masak western ni..tekak saya tekak sayoq ayaq u try macam2.selera org muda..tpi jgn mkn banyak sgt na..takut tambah angka di penimbang tau..

  2. Hi Harnidah, ahhh, I only know orchids and roses....begitu l.
    But the flowers do look like what we have here...
    Love your dips....very creative.....
    And that briyani certainly looks tempting....but lamb not on my food list, ha ha...
    First time I read of leftovers buat these cupcakes.
    You are good.
    Have a nice day.

  3. IndaMarya:
    aunty..tara ada masa..tara takdak anak kecik nak kacau..time ni la pulun try macam2..esok2 ni mai penyakit malas..jagan suruh dah nak buat apa pun..

    buat macam2 pun bagi orrg makan..kita makan sket ja..hahahaha

  4. Lee..
    thank u so much..
    mesti cantik flower tu spring time kat sana...

    ehh..jemput dip :)