Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fresh Blueberry muffin

After reading Lee's comment..actually his recipe...

why not i give it a try..hmm
there are some blueberries at home..
i just need to top up some more..

i did this on Friday..nite of coz..after dinner..

my castor sugar was not enuff..
so, i add brown sugar...

this is my first time baking muffin using fresh fruits
don't know whether it will turn out ok or not..
ya la..thinking of the fruit juices that will come out due to the high temperatute in the oven..

hopefully my mom dan sis would love it...hihi
i'll bring this tomorrow...  <masa buat tu la fikir>

ala..masak ala kadar...
no crispy top...hmm...malas nak bakar balik..

u know what happen next?

i let them cool on the table..
inside plastic container..> bukan tupperware ye

the next morning..
kelam kabut to go out..
manage to grab i box of muffin...around 6 pieces only
sempat pesan to my MIL they can eat those which left on the table...

and..guess what happened?

i baked on Friday..nite..
i came back home Sunday 6.30pm...
and the muffins is still there...untouched...

it almost 48 hours and nobody care to keep it in the fridge!!

ok..now u go...
to the dustbin..


  1. kaktek pun malas dah nak baking la ni... bebudak ni tak makan... haku gak tukang perabih sampai nk muntah2... la ni baking time gathering je... sikit2 org cubit lama2 habis le jugak...

  2. kak tek:
    masalahnya MIL mmg tak makan sebab takut bentan..

    FIL lak MIL tak bagi makan takut glucose level naik...

    en.somi lak paling tak leh terima alasan...

    ada ka patut dia kata tak berani nak usik kite nyer barang?!!???

  3. Hi Harnidah, hey, your blueberry muffins look really good! I love to eat them....
    Its very popular in Canada. The blueberries popular with bears, ha ha.

    Pity they not kept in the fridge...tapa la, at least you had them.
    I gave you this recipe, as well gave Makcikkantin another recipe...a lemon one. She too made it in her blog.
    Best regards,

  4. Lee..thanks for the recipe..

    actually i was thinking to decorate it with whipping cream or pipe in some blueberry filling..

    but not enuff time to do it...

    good luck Lee ;)

  5. makan hati2 chek oi, jgn tmbah kilo na...

  6. hahaha...la ni jawapan cheq senang ja...
    badan semangat sebab en.somi bagi makan cukup...muahahahaha