Friday, August 5, 2011

Sapa nak beli perfume?

ni adik aku beli kat Singapore..
dia nak jual rm 100 jer..
brand new
limited edition A Scent by issey miyake
eau de parfum florale

bau dia?
aku tak tau..
dok bungkus dalam plastik..aku aku tak bagi bukak and test...
gi test kat kedai la kalau mau...hahahaha...

ada yang berminat?


  1. Hi Harnidah, that is a lovely perfume.
    But it brings back certain sad memories to me re the perfume.
    A beautiful Malay lady blogger friend, one of my very first blogger friends from 7 years ago, told me she loves this Issey Miyake perfume scent.

    Her name was Ruby Ahmad, maybe you might have heard, read or seen her on TV.
    She passed away last year from cancer.
    I lost a very good friend.

    For me I have always loved Nina Ricci's L'air du temp and Ralph Loren's 'Always yours'. Or one time Avon's 'here's my heart'.
    And yes, this Issey Miyake is a beautiful fragrance.
    Selamat berpuasa.

  2. Uncle Lee..sorry to hear that...

    hmmm..i never heard that name before...

    as well as smell those perfume scent...need to find them at mall..cuba bau dulu..hihi

    currently..i'm using Lanvin - Jeanne and Salvatore - Charms.

    Have a pleasant week to u..