Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My lunch - nearby office

Set Pari bakar + nasi = RM6.50
Ulam pegaga 2 ikat = RM1.00
Ice blended Bandung cincau = RM3.00


  1. mahalnye lunch..isk isk iskk

  2. sekali sekala boleh la...hari2 kalau...bankrupt! :)

  3. Hello Harnidah......first time saya bacha 'ice blended Bandug cincau'....and 'ulam pegaga'....
    But they sure look good!
    Looks delicious too!
    I love that Bandung cincau.....must be Indonesian?
    Wow! Ringgit 10?

    Incidentally, checked my last weeks numbers, nobody won. This week jackpot raised to $40 million.....
    Have a nice day, Harnidah.
    ps, psssst, you on diet? Ha ha.

  4. Hello Uncle Lee :)
    usually in most restaurant only iced bandung cincau..but this one iced blended..not sure the origin of the drink..but the shop owner in Malaysian..hahaha

    yes..i'm on diet..but not that extreme...just a healthy meal will do..but my hubs ruined my diet yesterday..he brought back 2 McD coupons buy 1 free 1 double cheese burger!
    and u know what?
    both of us have eaten TWO double cheese burgers EACH person...and share 1 large fries! OMG...tsk...tsk..

    psstt..hope u'll win the next draw... :)