Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chinese Muslim Food

Actually wanna have lunch at a restaurant nearby..
it seems that no vacant table for both of us..my officemate & I..
so, we have decided to try this chinese muslim restaurant beside..

mine.szechuan chicken noodle..home made mee...
quite good..

my friend's seafood noodle...

chicken dumpling..
i think the outer part is too big or either the chicken fill is not enuff..heheh


  1. Hi Harnidah, the dishes look delicious. And love your Szechuan noodles.
    Out of curiosity how much one bowl?
    I can practically get the lovely scent of that soup too. Good photographs.

    By the way, if ada senang, pop over check out my blog player, first movie picture....it's hilarious!
    As well there's couple more, all during my time, the '50s.
    Have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee!
    owh..the noodle i think around RM7..forgot already...

    i'll check out your blog ;)
    just come back from holiday...hihi