Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Your Day!

Did someone ever make your day just by a simple thing, act or words they/he/she do?

Yes…I’ve experience that…

It was during my trip to Korea. On the way we were walking to the entrance of  Namsangol Traditional Korean Village, we passed by a hawker stall.

Usually..hubs is the one who likes to greet others in Korean language..
But this time..I did…

I said “annyionhaseyo” with sincere smile on my lips and bow a little bit with my right hand placed on my tummy to the ajuma (aunty) who is busy preparing something at her stall..

The ajuma seems touched by the simple greet from a tourist and laugh while saying “ooowhhh…annyionhaseyo”
She looks so happy like I have made her day that morning…I felt it too…I could see it from her eyes..

Then I said to hubs..  “See..if u want to greet people..please do it properly and sincerely..u always greet them but it does not look like u say it from your heart..”

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